Phase2 8.0 - fast, easy FEM


Courtesy of Rocscience Inc.

With new 64-bit and multi-core parallel processing, Phase2 8.0 is capable of solving much larger and more complex models in less time than ever before. This new version is highly recommended for advanced users who require state-of-the-art modeling features and maximum computational power. The many new features and improvements in version 8 will be appreciated by both new and experienced users alike.

Phase2 8.0 is an important upgrade which will benefit advanced users and beginners alike. This article summarizes the major new features of version 8.0 including:

  1. 64 bit multi-core parallel processing
  2. Probabilistic analysis using the point estimate method
  3. Discrete strength function
  4. Customized mesh regions
  5. Many other additions and improvements

64-bit, Multi-core Parallel Processing

Phase2 8.0 is the first Rocscience program available as a 64-bit version, and is built for Intel 64 microprocessor architectures. Intel 64 is the most popular 64-bit microprocessor architecture among Windows users that run 64-bit versions of the Windows operating system. For Phase2 users, this new 64-bit version means that they can run much larger models with many more degrees of freedom than ever possible with the 32-bit version of the program.

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