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Phenol degradation kinetic property in coking wastewater with pulse corona

The degradation kinetics of phenol in coking wastewater and the effect of electrode parameters on phenol's removal ratio in pulse corona discharge were investigated with experiments and theoretical analysis. The result showed that Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biochemical Oxygen Demand after five days (BOD
) in the wastewater increased in the initial step, and decreased later. Conductivity rose, and pH of the wastewater decreased with the increase of action time. The phenol degradation process was a one order reaction, and the rate constant (k) was positively related to discharge frequency and voltage. Phenol's removal ratio and degradation rate in weak acidity were larger than those in weak alkalinity and neutral wastewater. The removal ratio reached its maximum when the electrode distance was set at 3.6 cm. This achievement is beneficial to the application of pulse corona discharge technology in coking wastewater disposal.

Keywords: pulse corona discharge, phenol degradation, degradation kinetics, coking wastewater, removal ratio, wastewater treatment, electrode parameters, conductivity, chemical oxygen demand, biochemical oxygen demand

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