Phoenix park, Kangwan-do, Korea - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Perched on top of a mountainous area in Kangwon-do, Korea, the Phoenix Park Resort is protected from the effects of erosion by a system of walls including the largest retaining wall in Korea.

The mountainous location of the resort makes it a favorite destination of tourists and vacationers, but the rugged terrain demanded the wall have several key characteristics: First, it had to be durable. The wall must resist the effects of erosion, yet retain the flexibility needed to conform to anticipated differential settlement. Second, the wall had to be unobtrusive. It had to blend in with the resorts surrounding environment. Finally, there were strict budget guidelines. Expenses had to be kept to a minimum.

These concerns led E & S Engineering Company, a Presto distributor in Seoul, Korea, to recommend the Geoweb ® cellular confinement system over traditional retaining wall materials, such as wood, steel or concrete.

The Presto Geoweb system is an engineered, expandable, polyethylene, honeycomb- like cellular structure used to confine and improve the performance of infill materials. The system has proven applications in earth retention, as well as slope, channel, and load support.

The use of this earth retention system at the Phoenix Park Resort met the key criteria by providing: 1) a very steep or nearly vertical surface which minimizes erosion and remains structurally stable under its own self weight and known externally imposed loads, 2) natural vegetative cover by filling outer cells of the stacked Geoweb sections with topsoil, giving the wall the ability to blend in naturally with the Resorts environment, 3) complete construction, in only two months, this provided the cost savings needed to keep the project within budget.

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