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Phosphate removal without chemical dosing from Virotec

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In this article Simon Tillotson, General Manager at Virotec Europe Limited, explains how the Company’s new innovative Bauxsol™ technology is produced, the nature, characteristics and formulation of the product range and how the product works. He outlines applications for Bauxsol™ technology in the water and environmental sector.

Simon concentrates specifically on using Bauxsol™ for phosphate removal from wastewater, as a viable alternative to chemical dosing. Following a six-month independent trial by the U.K. Water Research Council (WRc), Virotec’s technology has been shown to offer a viable tertiary treatment solution for phosphate removal in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment works, providing an economic alternative to chemical dosing for phosphorus removal. Results are presented confirming the high phosphorus removal efficiencies achieved by Bauxsol™ and its excellent removal capacity and longevity, demonstrating its suitability and ease of employment in the form of ViroFilter™ systems fitted after existing secondary treatment.

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