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Phosphorus control protects surface waters


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Phosphorus is the decisive factor for excessive algae and plant growth in water bodies, that’s why quality standards require reductions in the amount of phosphorus released from wastewater treatment plants into rivers and lakes. In recent years, the outlet limit values have not only been reduced on national levels. Depending on the vulnerability of ecosystems, especially low target values have been defined on regional levels. Examples are regional values for Lake Constance, the Baltic Sea or the Colorado River basin. Online TP measurement with Liquiline System CA80TP helps managers of wastewater treatment plants to achieve these reductions because the analyzer delivers measured values as precise as laboratory measurements but much faster.

Safety for process and personnel

Since total phosphorus measurement requires thermal and chemical digestion of samples, operational and occupational safety play an important role. “Liquiline System CA80TP features a software-controlled safety cover that prevents opening of the digestion reactor when it is too hot or under pressure”, explains Endress+Hauser’s product manager Dr. Guido Mennicken. “It thus ensures the highest level of safety”. The precisely adjusted reactor temperature guarantees complete digestion of the sample and a redundant light barrier in the optical dosing unit provides the best level of reliability.

Low reagent consumption and simplified maintenance

Liquiline System CA80TP’s optical dosing unit guarantees precise and reproducible dosing of small reagent volumes. The analyzer is also equipped with an energy-efficient cooling system that considerably increases the reagent lifetime. Automatic cleaning and calibration functions ensure that the analyzer works reliably and without manual intervention over a long period of time. If disturbances should occur, advanced diagnostics with remote access help plant managers to analyze and remedy them quickly. Required maintenance measures can be carried out easily, reducing maintenance costs and increasing process uptime.

Saving time during commissioning and operation

All Liquiline System analyzers share the user-friendly operating concept that plant personnel already know from other online analysis parameters such as pH or conductivity. Operating errors are virtually eliminated. The analyzers can be easily upgraded to a complete measuring station by connecting Memosens sensors. It then adopts the transmitter functions, which reduces the total number of devices in the plant. Integration of the analyzers into the process is done fast: The self-priming CA80TP is either installed without additional sample preparation or easily integrated in bypass installations using the optional y-strainer.

Liquiline System analyzers help plant managers to keep their costs under control and comply with regulatory requirements, while making daily life easier for operators.

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