Photographers capture Earth’s changing circumstances

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Courtesy of Ensia

The Anthropocene is in vogue. The trendy term describing a new age of immense human impact leaped from obscurity to popularity in environmental discourse following humanity’s own leap to becoming the single most dominant force on the planet.

One word can hardly encapsulate the range of human change wrought on Earth, so photographers presenting their work as part of the 16th International Biennial of Photography and Mixed Media Art hosted by arts nonprofit FotoFest are trying to strike at the core of that transformation.

With scenes of change from melting in Greenland to plastic pollution, all of the projects deal in some way with the Anthropocene and serve as frames in our common film, still snapshots of an ever-changing world.

The exhibit, “Changing Circumstances: Looking at the Future of the Planet,” will be on display in Houston March 12 through April 24.

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