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Pilot Project at Tidewater Terminals


Courtesy of Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

The pilot project was undertaken to determine the effectiveness of AgroRemed for cleanup of contaminated soil within a short turn around time as claimed by SARVA. The results were monitored on 10th day and 20th day before closing the pilot. It is seen from the results that there was a reduction of more than 30% in the values of TPH on 10th day and at the end of 20 days there was a reduction in TPH of more than 90%. AgroRemed offers a long term remediation solution for a site with an active pollution complaint since 1991. Use of AgroRemed was recommended to Virginia DEQ under a new corrective action plan at the site. AgroRemed would reduce the adsorbed phase of contamination at the site, the current source of NAPL recorded in the onsite monitoring wells. It is projected that this application will reduce the vapor phase concentrations also present in the soil.

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