Pioneering a smart and sustainable waste collection system for Dubai


Courtesy of HABA Products - Elo Group Oy

Intercare Group of companies holds exclusive viewing of its innovative 'Arabian Palm' - a unique prototype that combines various intelligent functions to offer the residents of Dubai a 'smart' solution in waste management.

Intercare Group introduced the Arabian Palm to Dubai Municipality officials at an exclusive event held at Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Deira Creek. The prototype is an offering by the company in collaboration with Haba Group, Finland, to bring to the world and the UAE in particular, a groundbreaking product for waste collection with some never before seen combination of features.

The palm, also called the 'Smart Palm' was first introduced to Dubai Municipality through a video during the recently held Middle East Cleaning Technology Week. A week later, the aforesaid viewing was organised and several officials of Dubai Municipality, led by Eng. Hussain Lootah, Director General and Eng. Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of Waste Management Department, Dubai Municipality, were present at the event.

John H. Colley, Chairman and Founder, Intercare Group, gave a presentation explaining the concept and innovative features of the waste collection system.

Key features

Waste collection: The Smart Palm is a no-touch system that allows the public to throw the waste into specified units depending on the nature of the waste (recyclables and organic waste). The voice recording offers the users various experiences such as being greeted as one approaches the palm and thanked once the waste is dropped into the bin. The language can be programmed as per one's choice.

The waste collection system is versatile and can be designed to accommodate 2-4 bins based on the requirements. For instance, the two-bin system can be extended to accommodate different units for various recyclables such as aluminium, paper and plastics. The two-bin model has 2x240litre capacity, so it can be placed in areas where a lot of waste is generated as well.

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