Pizza Dough


Courtesy of Integrated Engineers Inc.

A facility located in California manufactures pizza shells and the resultant wastewater was extremely high in total suspended solids (TSS) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). The company had reached its maximum discharge allowance, but wanted to expand their capacity. They were paying enormous surcharges and to expand, as they wanted, would have cost them an additional huge amount in surcharges on the next tier of surcharges. In addition to the above requirements, they had limited space to accommodate a processing system.

Integrated Engineers was brought in to evaluate their problem and was able to solve it with the addition of a 20 gallons per minute continuous flow Flocculation Unit, similar to the one shown below, which utilizes Floccin J. The system will occupy a small 10’ x 25’ footprint including room for the operator. This conversion will reduce the company’s costs by $70,000 per year and this will give the system a 12 month pay back.

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