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Planet Supra for Logistics & Supply Chain: beat the heat, save costs, reduce carbon footprint


Global Warming means temperatures are rising year after year. The Logistics and Supply Chain industries, with their facilities, warehouses, trucks largely exposed to solar radiations, face unique challenges and responsibilities.

Trading Green in collaboration with DHL Thailand, Carrefour Thailand, Linfox and JVK Movers published a White Paper to illustrate how Planet Supra Thermal Barrier Paint can help by shielding trucks and warehouses from heat, saving on electricity and fuel costs.

The selected business cases also demonstrate how it can turn logisticians into major direct contributors to the fight against Global Warming.

Planet Supra is a high performance nanotechnology solar reflective coating as easy to apply as regular water based paint.

For warehouses and buildings, it is applied on rooftops mainly since they accumulate the most of any low-rise building's heat load. Once the roof is painted, heat load drops by average 30% in tropical climates.

In non-air-conditioned warehouses, even with PE foam sheet insulation, ambient temperatures indoors typically drop by average 5°C - 41°F below ambient outdoors temperatures: it is now fresher inside than out!

Metal sheet roof temperatures have been recorded to drop by more than 30°C - 86°F the day after Planet Supra was applied in Thailand, for example.

Air-conditioned warehouses can expect substanital and immediate savings on electricity, with payback times averaging 2 to 3 years maximum worldwide.

For trucks, painting the cargo compartment's rooftop caps the heat inside. Technical trials conducted by DHL Thailand demonstrated savings of 20% on A/C fuel consumption during cooling down time.

Non-air-conditioned trucks can qualify as 'temperature controled', improving goods transportation conditions.

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