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Planetary crisis and to constraint carbon emissions

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Extreme weather patterns, glaciers melt and rising sea levels have been brought on by tonnes of carbon emissions.Such by-products of human activity stem chiefly from the burning of fossil fuels and fuel consumption by vehicle engines.

As you are fully aware of the facts that belching emissions from all industries are unhealthy for a sustainable earth. The intergovernmental panel on climate change and global scientific community, have acknowledged that the excessive burning of fossil fuel for economic developments, caused massive havoc to nature ecosystem. Mankind need to right the ecobalance now for a sustainable Earth,that we survive on. The call to reduce co2 and ghg emissions by reducing carbon fuel consumption is unprecedented in history. The way we use fossil energy have been very inefficient, and there are plenty of scope for us to be more fuel/energy efficient. Technologies and renewable energy are part of the solution to combat emissions. Fuel efficiency can come in many forms, one is to enhance fuel combustion efficiency and stretch that same litre with more kilometers, by using Infernofuel at all pumps. It is imperative, that we have to try and find every little way to minimize the use of carbon fuels.

The pros and cons of using vegetable fuel, and advantages of Infernofuel at all pumps, are in the following findings from reliable sources. “The US, for example, heavily sustain it’s corn-for-ethanol industry, paying out 50 cents a gallon for each of its 27 billion litres of ethanol produced. Combined with farming subsidies, the ethanol sector receives a total of some $6bn in support each year, analysts say. The report warns that high agricultural commodity prices were having a negative impact on developing countries dependent on imports to meet their food requirements. And it found that the production and use of biofuels 'did not necessarily contribute as much to reducing greenhouse gas emissions as was previously assumed'.

Investing in researching and developing the next generation of biofuels - such as wood, tall grasses, forestry and crop residues - 'hold more promise in terms of reductions in greenhouse gas emissions with less pressure on the natural resource base,' Mr Diouf said.

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