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Plant upgrades to cloth media filter system - Case Study


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A coastal development in eastern North Carolina had aging traveling bridge sand filters that were failing and required extensive mechanical maintenance. The plant was also upgrading from chlorination to UV disinfection, which required consistently low levels of TSS.


The facility installed Fluidyne’s Fixed Plate cloth media filter system, meeting requirements for tertiary reuse-quality treatment. The systems use simple open-close pneumatic valves and gravity head to control filtering and backwash. No pumps are needed to create backwash flow; media panels remain fixed in place instead of being rotated past a spray or suction manifold. Media elements can be isolated and removed from the flow stream for maintenance or inspection without discontinuing flow to the entire filter or diverting flow.


The system eliminated moving parts and wear items and allowed elements to be square or rectangular (versus circular), easing manufacture, installation, removal and maintenance, while maximizing treatment area within the tankage. The tertiary solution produced reuse-quality effluent.

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