Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc Hires Al Nunley as Director of Marketing


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Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc Hires Al Nunley as Director of Marketing

Previous Successes in Multiple Roles Provides Advantages to PWR

Huntsville, AL, June 24, 2010 – Plasma Waste Recycling, Inc (PWR) of Huntsville, AL announced today that it has hired Alvin Nunley, III as Director of Marketing, where he will be responsible for leading the company’s strategic marketing, public relations and advertising while providing key contributions in business development and customer relations.

Terry L. Moore, CEO and President of PWR, said, “It’s great to add Al’s experience and general business acumen to our team. PWR is entering a very exciting phase that requires the knowledge and confidence Al has derived from multiple industry successes across both commercial and federal markets. Of particular importance to PWR is Al’s experience in taking fledgling technology based businesses to rapid growth and market dominance. These are skill sets that will be valuable to PWR as our company builds market share.”

Nunley’s most recent success involved forming AC Services from two AC, Inc existing divisions to provide Information Technology and Automotive Manufacturing Quality Assurance services. Prior to General Manager of AC Services, Nunley launched Quantum Technologies, Inc in Huntsville, initially providing Federal Courtroom solutions to the US Department of Justice and later adding distance learning, video conferencing and other commercial and institutional audio / video products. Prior to that, Nunley held various positions at Techsonic Industries, makers of the Humminbird brand of marine electronics. As General Manger, he led the company to a market leadership position and implemented a successful diversification plan. As Vice-President of Marketing and Product Development, he directed new product development utilizing extensive market research and technology trend analysis, resulting in a 700% sales growth within two years.

Nunley holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee. To learn more about PWR visit

About Plasma Waste Recycling
Founded in 2006, Plasma Waste Recycling resolves problems related to the disposal of municipal solid waste while generating renewable electricity (green power). The PWR process is a breakthrough application that enhances a proven plasma-based process by utilizing a high-temperature plasma arc to produce clean renewable energy on a 24- 7 basis. This process converts any carbon-containing waste into a synthesis gas which can be converted to electricity or liquid fuels, rock wool insulation, and scrap steel ingots. Because there is no ash to dispose of, the PWR process can be considered total recycling with nothing left to landfill. No co-reactants are required. This process has the lowest capital cost, the lowest operating cost, the lowest emissions and the highest efficiency of any plasma conversion technology. The scalability of PWR’s technology makes it an ideal solution for any size community.

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