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Plasterboard waste recovery from smaller building sites

Most methods for recovering waste plasterboard from construction sites rely on it being segregated on site into a
dedicated collection container, such as a skip, bin or bags.  This can be difficult for smaller building sites where space
for these containers may be limited, and the quantities of plasterboard waste are small thus reducing the costeffectiveness of recovery.

However, many small and medium size building companies recognise the various benefits of good site waste management and resource efficiency, and want to be able to recover their plasterboard waste for recycling. One such company is A. Hatcher & Sons Ltd, a building contractor and property developer in West Lincolnshire.  They have recently completed a three week project to refurbish Westgate Court, located in Sleaford, to house 30 new flats.

Through previous projects they have a good working relationship with MID UK Recycling Ltd, that provide recycling services to a wide range of sectors in the East Midlands. Mid UK Recycling Ltd operate a materials recycling facility (MRF) in Caythorpe, West Lincolnshire, and accept a wide range of waste types, including plasterboard, either as mixed waste loads or presegregated on site. Mixed waste loads are sorted at the MRF, and the different materials recycled or recovered.

For waste plasterboard MID UK Recycling Ltd operate a bespoke plant at the MRF which processes the waste to
produce recycled gypsum. They supply this product for use in cement manufacture.

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