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Plasti-fab head gages are durable enough to withstand gunshots and vandalism


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Plasti-Fab Gages are primarily used in secluded, often rural settings, such as flumes, weirs, reservoirs, basins, lagoons, waterways and other applications. In these locations they have year-round, sustained exposure to all of the natural elements. The PlastiFab Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic (FRP) Head Gages have proven to withstand years of weather without fading,chipping, or warping. They also stand strong amid all application specific damaging, such as river traffic.

Another real threat to the Gages in such locations are acts of vandalism, in particular the gages seem to be irresistible targets for gun owners. In a recent ballistics tests performed on Plasti-Fab Gages, Gun Shots proved to be completely ineffective in damaging the gages beyond their function of viewing tide levels, river states, and tank levels from a distance. In most cases the damage was minimal or unnoticeable. Below are snapshots of the results of the ballistics test. The guns used were a CCI Mini Mag and a Kent Fast Steel Rifle-bird shot. They were fired from 3 different distances as labeled in the images.

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