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We have wholesale plastic bottles for sale! Medicinal plastic bottles are blow-molded plastic bottles used to package medicines, liquid medicines, solvents, chemical reagents in plastic containers.


Pharmaceutical plastic bottles are generally made of PE, PP, PET and other materials. They are not easy to break, have good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygienic, and meet the special requirements of pharmaceutical packaging. They can be directly used in pharmaceutical packaging without cleaning and drying. They are excellent packaging containers for medicines and are widely used in oral solid drugs (such as tablets, glue). The packaging of capsules, granules, etc. and oral liquid drugs (such as syrups, tinctures, etc.) has many special features compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers.


Plastic bottles are easy to carry, not afraid of falling, acid and alkali resistance, easy to produce, and also conducive to recycling.


The development of the pharmaceutical industry has also led to the innovation of the pharmaceutical packaging industry. Glass bottles have been used for a long time before. With the use of glass bottles, shortcomings such as fragility and unstable drug compatibility will be found. Therefore, the emergence of medical plastic bottles gradually replaced glass bottles.


Plastic bottles are made of less dense materials and are smaller than glass bottles according to the mass of containers of the same volume. Plastics can reduce the cost of raw materials and make it easier, so the total price is relatively cheap. Composite materials, good chemical stability and protective performance, its bottom, lid and body use a reliable sealing structure, therefore, the internal liquid can be reliably protected.


At present, medical plastic bottles are widely used in different pharmaceutical packaging. We are one of the most professional empty plastic bottle suppliers    in China. Just contact us!