Plume Control under a City Building


Courtesy of Directional Technologies, Inc.

Subsurface remediation in a big city setting is complicated. Limited work space, heavy traffic, noise restrictions, and a dense network of utilities are just some of the factors that conspire to make the installation of any in situ plume control or plume reduction system a seemingly unsolvable logistical puzzle. Horizontal wells placed directly beneath a building can provide protection from soil and groundwater sources of vapor intrusion, and are more effective for plume remediation than wells that are placed down-gradient or up-gradient of the plume just to avoid having to drill wells inside the building.
Directional Technologies, Inc. has mastered this puzzle over many years’ experience working in big cities in the northeast and throughout the USA. An example of this is in New York City, near the boundary between Yonkers and the Bronx, where a former paint plant leaked mineral spirits into soil beneath a building that is currently used by ExtraSpace for public storage. Besides being under a large portion of the building, the groundwater plume extended outside, under a railroad track, and entered a nearby stream.

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