Pneumatic conveying line into reaction vessel


Courtesy of Gericke

Description: Pneumatic dense phase conveying system over a distance of 200 metres

Customer: Rhdne Poulenc

Gericke technology: Dense phase PHF conveying system injecting product into a reaction vessel. The reaction vessel is under pressure and the conveying vessel is mounted onto load cells with fully automatic sequencing controls.

Application: Manufacture of special rubber; PVC stabilisers and associated products to increase processing throughput

Physical properties of product: Natural fibres, bulk density 0.1-1.3 kg/litre

Material characteristics: Some of the products are very poor flowing

System requirements: Conveying of product with diverse bulk densities; directly into an agitated pressure vessel; point of injection is below the liquid level; weight control of every batch to monitor the process

This highly innovative convey- ing system by Gericke underlines their skills in conveying techno- logy. The mixing and dissolving process is improved by the tech- nology of direct introduction into the receiving vessel. Additional equipment such as hoppers and rotary valves etc. are not requi- red, avoiding further costs.

Each batch is weighed in the sender and conveyed to the reaction vessel. The over pressure in the reactor varies between 0.1 and 2 bar. An intelligent control unit ensures the correct conveying pressure by the Gericke dense phase PHF conveying system. The customer can then improve the mixing and dissolving process.

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