Pneumatic dense phase conveying system for the cement industry


Courtesy of Gericke

Description: Conveying system over horizontal distances of 120 and 200 metres, with an additional vertical lift of 25 metres.
Client: ENCI Nederland B.V.
Gericke Technology: Pneumatic dense phase conveying system type PHFD 5750/D with silo-discharge and product-delivery facilities. Twin pressure vessel (transmitter) arrangement. Gericke type GB minimum wear conveyor pipeline elbows. High pressure product diverter type T.B.
Application: The conveying of fly ash from storage silos, via a pipe diverter to the cement mills without any dust emissions.
Material conveyed: Fly ash
Bulk density: 0.6 kg/litre
Particle size, physical properties: 20 to 30 micron. Abrasive and free flowing.
Product source: Bulk silo
Product destination: Via receiving silo into cement mills.
Conveying rate: Mono-transmitter operation 60 tonnes per hour (ca. 100 m3/h). Twin-transmitter operation 80 tonnes per hour (ca. 133 m3/h).
System requirements: Low wear conveying utilising minimum air requirements for both mono and twin-transmitter operations.

This Gericke dense phase conveyor, reduces the air requirements by 45-50 % when compared to other systems. Utilising existing compressors, it was possible to increase the conveying capacity threefold. The low conveying speed reduces wear to an absolute minimum and the unique Gericke pipe-bends allow virtually abrasion-free diversion of the product flow. The Gericke twin-transmitter system ensures maximum conveying efficiency with high output, low air consumption and minimum maintenance.

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