Pneumatic Pipe Plug Applications


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There are various application types for pneumatic pipe plug depending on the pipeline and the type of the work. Let’s check with the below images.

If you need to repair a specific zone, there are two ways to isolate that zone.

The first one is bypassing the water flow with a pump. As you can see at the below image, you need two PlugCo pneumatic pipe plugs PTP Model, bypass pipeline, a pump and an air supply. PTP (Pipe Test Plug) allows water bypass. As a result, by connecting the two Pipe Test Plugs by a bypass pipeline and a water pump, you can easily isolate the area for repairing.

The second way to isolate the repair zone is to use a bypass line without a water pump. In this application two PTP Model pneumatic pipe plugs are connected with a bypass pipe to allow the flow of water. See below image.

If you need to apply a leak test to a specific area, check if there are manholes. The type of the pneumatic pipe plug which you will use depends on whether there are manholes or not.

If there is no manhole, you will need one PP Model pneumatic pipe plug and one PTP Model pipe plug and a water supply besides an air supply. PP model blocks one side of the pipeline and the other side of the line to be blocked by the PTP model which includes the bypass connection. That connection allows to fill the line with water which is necessary for the leak test.

If there is a manhole, two PP model pneumatic pipe plugs will be enough to complete the leak test. You can fill water to the testing zone through the manhole. Moreover, observing the water level at the manhole is a practical way to do the leak test as per EN 1610.

Likewise; you may also use PPTP Model (Professional Pipe Test Plug) pipe plugs during your test processes for the same purpose. This model is like PTP Model and the only difference is that it has two bypass lines. One of them is for filling the test area with water and the other one is for discharging the air in the testing zone. Hence, it simplifies the work you do during the test.

To sum up, Pneumatic Pipe Plugs have different applications based on your purpose. That is to say, it might be difficult to choose the right product combination. PlugCo is available to help you figure out what is the best for your project.

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