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Pneumatic powder injection technique as a tool for waste utilisation

The problem of wastes in metallurgical and foundry industries is very important. The considerable amount of wastes is furnace dusts and other fine materials. At the Department of Foundry, the experiments with the use of pneumatic injection method were carried out to utilise these materials. The results of dusts injection into cupola, slag foaming with the use of powdered coal-furnace dusts injection into EAF and others were presented. The industrial stands and the process parameters were mentioned and its indexes, too. The paper shows that pneumatic injection technique could without obstacles be an effective method for powdered wastes utilisation.

Keywords: pneumatic powder injection, waste utilisation, dust removal, cupolas, cast iron recarburisation, recarburisation stands, furnace dusts, powder injection lance, pneumatic conveying, EAF dust, solid waste management, slag foaming, powdered wastes, metallurgical industry, foundries

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