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Courtesy of Isodaq Technology - Hydro-Logic Group

Hydro-Logic recently received major orders for the Pocket Gauger Windows Mobile software package from the two environmental regulators covering England and Wales (EA) and Scotland (SEPA). These orders have effectively confirmed Pocket Gauger's status as the UK's de-facto industry-standard system for collecting current-meter gaugings using conventional impellor-style meters.

Pocket Gauger acts as a counter / timer and logger for collecting current-meter gaugings. Discharge measurements are computed on the river-bank and all the data safely stored for further analysis or archiving.

The system has been specifically designed to operate on the ruggedised Juniper Archer PDA which was supplied with both orders below as part of an integrated field data collection system.

Pocket Gauger operates in either Portrait or Landscape display mode on Windows Mobile 5.

After a rigorous tendering competition, the Environment Agency selected the Pocket Gauger-Archer combination as the best value solution to meet their needs. The EA have ordered more than 200 systems for use in seven out of their eight operating regions. The Scottish Environmental Agency (SEPA) ordered the system after a similar evaluation trial, ordering 40 systems for all three of its operating regions.

The main features that secured these orders for Hydro-Logic included:

  • Understanding of requirement to collect gaugings and other hydrometric data
  • Ruggedised platform designed for operation in harsh field conditions
  • Data protection, environmental - sealed to IP66 standard
  • Data protection, impact shock - 1 metre drop onto concrete
  • Compact counter unit compatible with all meters (Isodaq RevCount supplied)
  • Standard serial comms port for data collection from loggers
  • Ability to operate different OEM data logger control packages
  • Upgradeable for comms / peripheral options e.g GSM / Bluetooth / GPS
  • Compatibility with EA's Wiski / Biber software
  • Easy to operate with touch-sensitive colour screen
  • Quality of technical and after-sales support
  • Value for money

Pocket Gauger is part of a suite of software products designed by Hydro-Logic to collect and process hydrometric information. Pocket Gauger is fully integrated with Gauger2 Desktop current-meter database and rating development system. In conjunction with the HydroLog4 time-series database software these packages form part of a comprehensive flow data management system. The package also links to third party software such as Kisters Wiski / Biber system.

The Archer PDA manufactured by Juniper Systems is an ultra-rugged, powerful and versatile handheld computer designed to handle the most demanding field conditions. It is one of the few ruggedised handheld computers designed to operate under Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5 operating system. Built to withstand the harshest treatment, the unit is shockproof and sealed to prevent water and dust ingress to IP67 standard. The software also works on the larger Juniper Allegro CX PDA with its integral keyboard.

This is the second time in 10 years that Hydro-Logic has won orders from both the EA and SEPA for this type of handheld current-meter gauging system. The first version of Gauger developed by Hydro-Logic was designed for Microsoft's DOS operating system.

Hydro-Logic is the authorised UK-based repair centre for the Juniper Archer device, one of only two centres in Europe authorised to repair these products.

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