Point of use/point of entry treatment with LFNano

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EconoPure Water Systems
EconoPure Water Systems designs and manufactures highly economical, scalable, low‐fouling membrane systems. The Company leverages the proprietary low‐fouling nanofiltration (“LFNano”) system consisting of a unique membrane element that is designed to avoid particulate fouling, biofouling and scaling. As the name suggests, the LFNano utilizes proven nanofiltration (NF) membrane technology and applies proprietary processes to enhance performance and decrease cost (both capital and operating). The LFNano requires much less pre‐treatment and little or no process chemicals as compared to typical membrane systems. It provides the exceptional quality treatment associated with membranes, without the bother of extensive pretreatment systems.

Treating water at the point where it is used or where it enters a building has become the standard in developing regions where publicly provided water is less than pure. Wealthier customers will treat the entire flow entering their homes (POE) and less affluent customers will treat just what is used for consumption or cooking (POU). These smaller treatment systems must be very flexible as water quality can be variable and simple to use as small systems generally suffer from poor operation and maintenance economics. EconoPure Water Systems has developed a simple treatment system that requires little operator attention and produces excellent water quality from most all source waters.

Problem Statement
High quality water treatment does not scale down well. The unit capital cost and the unit operating cost for these systems rises sharply as the system size gets small. As an example the Water Research Foundation published a cost study for various water treatment processes. The study covered larger systems but they highlighted the problem with downsizing water treatment processes.

Figure 1 shows the results of the unit costs of a microfiltration (MF) or ultrafiltration (UF) treatment process. Both the capital cost and the operation and maintenance costs rise precipitously at low output levels. This study also excluded operating labor which would skew the small plants unit cost even more. Though this study examined MF and UF membranes systems a similar cost curve for other technologies exists. A simple process is required to keep the unit cost down on the small end of the capacity scale. The LFNano™ from EconoPure™ provides that simple option.

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