Point Thomson third-party EIS case study


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North Slope, Alaska, USA

Development of the Point Thomson natural gas and hydrocarbon extraction and shipping facility presents a number of complex challenges. The area is estimated to hold 8 trillion cubic feet of gas—about 25 percent of the North Slope's proven gas resource—and about 200 million barrels of condensate. On behalf of ExxonMobil and under the direction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, we are developing a third-party Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to identify, investigate, analyze and document potential environmental, biological and social impacts of proposed and possible alternatives.

Point Thomson is located 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay in an undeveloped region of the North Slope of Alaska, and is adjacent to the coast and Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Agencies, Tribal governments and the public have expressed concerns about potential impacts of noise, recreation, climate change, terrestrial wildlife and marine mammals, to include the polar bear. Throughout the EIS process we have structured a communication protocol to facilitate effective dialogue between stakeholders, while also ensuring quality control, schedule and fiscal management needs are met.

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