Police Use Casella Equipment To Assess Noise Levels - Case Study


Courtesy of Casella

Leicestershire Police has upgraded its noise monitoring equipment, selecting a Casella Health & Safety Kit in order to help to protect its officers.

A global specialist in occupational health and environmental risk management solutions, Casella has supplied a 62x series sound level meter and a dBadge Noise Dosimeter to the regional police force, both of which are known to be easy to use, reliable and accurate.

Matt Jones, Deputy Principal Health and Safety Advisor, Corporate Services at Leicestershire Police, comments: “We have always used Casella products and were in the process of updating our equipment, so we liaised with our colleagues in Derbyshire Police and asked for their input.”

He continues: “Having reviewed their Casella Health & Safety equipment with a view to assessing noise levels in our Firearms department, and having received a recommendation from their Health & Safety team about the Casella kit, we decided to follow suit and purchase it.”

The new equipment is now being used to assess noise levels in a number of areas such as the police transport unit, East Midlands Airport and by officers working with police dogs.

The 62x series checks the noise levels on various pieces of equipment that are used for short periods of time, such as when an alarm system is being installed in to police vehicles.

The dBadge is used on a much more regular basis and is attached to officers across the force who are attending incidents and areas where noise may be a risk, such as at football matches and in custody suites.

Says Matt: “The dosimeter meets key requirements as it can be used to take measurements as officers go about their business. We particularly like the reports that the equipment can produce as the information helps us to meet our legal requirements, update our risk assessments and keep staff safe.”

Leicestershire Police received detailed training in the use of the new equipment from Casella. Matt adds: “The kit is easy to use when following the instructions, reliable and accurate. I would rate it highly and Casella would be my first choice for sound measurement equipment.”

Gary Smith, Area Business Manager at Casella, says: “We are looking to expand further in to the public sector with our noise monitoring solutions and this latest sale of equipment to another police force confirms the many benefits for people working in this field.”

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