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Pollution Atmosphérique

We are Pleased to Introduce the number 205 in Our Magazine Atmospheric Pollution, dated January-March 2010. The topics of air pollution That Are The foundation of the magazine are: Accompanied by various documents dealing 'with the climate, health and society. This issue we started 'the topic of climate change by proposing a 'Special Issue:' Copenhagen presents The Teachings of the conference. As publication of scientific articles EACH are waiting for you with this time: 'The combination natural gas / hydrogen fuel alternative to Reduce Emissions', 'Mapping the air pollution by lead from Which Originated Road in the city of Tiaret (Algeria) WHERE and how and why 'Monitoring the quality of fragrant air' '. The section covers 'documents' Deforestation and Climate Change and the Quality of the 'air near the Atlantic port of La Rochelle and has therefore section entitled 'Summary of Documents' hand the results of the research program Primequal. Numbers Can Be Ordered On The website ( or by mail (

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