Polyimide fibre production and products

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Courtesy of Evonik Fibres GmbH

Tightening emission levels and an increasing control of air pollution will certainly be the driving force for the growing demand of adequate filter materials to cope with the legal requirements from legislative. In this article Inspec Fibres, the only polyimide fibre producer worldwide, presents its high temperature filtration products and market overview.

In the early eighties the world’s leading viscose fibre producer Lenzing AG decided to develop a new fibre for protective clothing. A team of researchers checked the most suitable raw material for a new product that would meet the toughest requirements in the industry. Finally a license agreement for the polycondensation process of a polyimide polymer was signed with Upjohn (Dow Chemical), the spinning process of the fibre was developed by Lenzing and protected by a range of patents. Th e fi nal product - a polyimide fibre with an irregular lobed cross section - was marketed under the brand name of P84® and until today Inspec Fibres is the only polyimide fibre producer worldwide being a major player on the world market of high temperature filtration.

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