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Poor quality water toys exist security risks


 'It was not long after swimming in the water, inflatable toys cracked and the child choke a lot of water.' Yesterday, members of the public Ms. Chen reflects that the duck water inflatable toys she baught for her child damaged when using, and let her child suffer a lot.

Ms Chan said the inflatable water toys to buy in the near Qujiang Commodity market at the current share of pregnant Frankie, boat, duck inflatable toys, many styles, price is not high, there are many printed with beautiful patterns swimming circle. Inflatable at the crack of a child, too dangerous.

With the advent of high-temperature hot weather, more and more people go to the swimming pool and other places hydrophilic, inflatable water toys for children also began to hot up. Some members of the public in the purchase, mostly only concerned with color and style, paid little attention to whether the product is qualified.

Hot weather, water toys on the market began to hot up, but many of them the 'three noes', the children there are many hidden dangers.

River Rd at the mobile stalls, street vendors are just charging these products on the air out there to attract the child's parents wear a cycle purchase. But microscopic 3C signs, some products can not find the manufacturer and other information, and even the whole is in a foreign language, even the Chinese are not marked.

Where is these products from? Even the vendors do not know, can not figure out exactly suitable for little children to play. However, the sale price is very cheap. A number of the water inflatable boat, selling only 20 yuan, part of the spare tire or even a few dollars can buy. This interview, it is a member of the public in the child's naughty, spent seven dollars for a very thin wall 'three noes' love handles.

Reporter's inquiry found that, in accordance with the provisions of the inflatable water toy safety technical requirements, swim ring, zorb ball, products labeled 'non-life-saving equipment' must be not more than 100 mm from the valve at a prominent position information purposes only under adult supervision shallow water safety tips words.

In addition to these, you must also have national 3C certification mark before sale. According to the understanding, poor swim ring inflatable water toy, some of formaldehyde and other chemical ingredients, easy to make skin allergies. In addition, the hardness of the material, but also have a certain standard, too thin to easily tie bad leak, too soft and easy to drift up. These children inflatable water toys is not a life buoy equipment. Parents should accompany the hydrophilic, to prevent the mishap occurred.

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