Porous Bio-Filters - Tools to Fight West Nile Virus


Courtesy of Invisible Structures, Inc.

The year 2002 brought a disturbing upward trend of West Nile Virus cases to the United States, resulting in more than 232 deaths in 2002, just 3 years since first detected within our borders. This virus is carried by mosquitoes, which thrive in pools of stagnant water – large and small. Large bodies of water can be treated rather easily, by adding predators of the larvae, or chemicals. Small bodies of water – even as small as a cup or coffee can, pose a far greater danger by sheer numbers of container opportunities.

Private landowners have been warned to remove small outdoor containers that can capture rainwater and irrigation, such as tires, pails, etc., and change water frequently in water features, such as birdbaths and fountains. However, there are millions of potential stagnant water containers that lie hidden on private and public lands that have received little notice – catch basins, inlets and manholes that are part of our storm water collection systems.

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