Port maritime resiliency: Turning the lights back on

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Courtesy of ABS Consulting

It is a simple fact that unwanted unfortunate events are likely to occur, whether in the form of industrial accidents, natural catastrophes and/or acts of terrorism. As we look at the lessons learned from several major disasters, we may appreciate the value that port infrastructures provide their neighboring communities as they collaboratively work through the process of recovery.

By the merits of their existence, ports and port maritime infrastructures are robust engineering assets designed to function in the harshest of environments. They serve to move and transfer vast amounts of resources and can become crucial assets in times of need by supporting affected communities, regions and the nation. Therefore, the keys to building disaster-resilient communities are to 1) Fully franchise the collective assets of that region to support the needs of recovery, 2) Develop a systems approach to the event and 3) Integrate target capabilities across jurisdictions, including the public sector, the private sector and institutions such as port authorities.

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