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Portable Hydrant Flow Meters

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Leading the way for hydrant verification flow and pressure measurement

Langham Industrial Controls strive to provide the most innovative market leading hydrant verification instrumentation. The Horizontal Standpipe Flow Meter provides unrivalled accuracy of ± 0.5% within a wide flow range. The swan neck design ensures that the AquaMasters electromagnetic sensor is always full and as the sensor has no moving parts, debris and particles often found in the mains water supply or hydrant valve do not cause any damage, common with paddle wheel technologies.
Hydrant verification flow meter for fire service
By using ABBs' Electromagnetic AquaMaster with integrated data logger, the hydrant flow meters are able to record continuously with 3 years typical battery life without the need for recharging. The sensor continuously records, even when the digital display if off and/or the sensor is empty, ensuring every litre, cubic metre or gallon is recorded. The light activated display can be programmed to show different flow rates, totals, time, date and velocity and more.

The light weight design of the Horizontal Standpipe Flow Meter provides great versatility. Being only 10kgs, the flow meter lends itself to being fitted to the outlet of a standard hydrant standpipe, pillar style hydrant or fitted into hose runs on the ground. This design has proved very popular with the utilities and fire service for mains flushing and hydrant verification. Other uses have included irrigation and ship loading.
Horizontal Standpipe Flow Meter
The most recent addition of the Standpipe Flow Meter is the option of a pressure transducer, enabling pressure to be recorded simultaneously on the same digital display and integrated data logger as the flow. By providing an optional transducer, the pressure can be recorded from either the outlet of the Horizontal Standpipe Flow Meter or further upstream or downstream to monitor variations in the system.

Langham Industrial Controls understand that quality is important and providing value and service is paramount. “We believe that when buying our products you are also buying a service” says Nigel Langham. All Standpipe Flow Meters are manufactured and supported in the UK.

To learn more about Langham Industrial Controls innovative flow and pressure measurement products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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