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Possible reuse of Egyptian controlled cement dust

Possibilities for the reuse of controlled cement dust, collected from the hopper of the electrostatic precipitators installed on the different cement kilns of two of the three biggest companies for Portland cement production located to the south of Cairo, have been investigated. Twenty-one factors representing the physical properties and mineral and chemical composition of the cement dust were estimated and discussed. The results have been compared with the corresponding figures of three Portland cement companies in the United Arab Emirates and also with the British Standard Requirements of ordinary Portland cement. The study found that the cement dust can be reused after some feasible treatments, such as increasing the fineness and tricalcium silicate ratio and decreasing its alkalinity. Consequently, in this circumstance, pollution prevention at source is proving to be a boon as it can not only bring down pollution levels but also add to the companies' profits through efficient use of resources.

Keywords: cement dust, Egypt, Portland cement

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