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Post Construction Cleanup and Restoration with Gas Pressure Washers

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After the completion of construction, the building or structure has to be thoroughly cleaned, removing excess grime and dust from walls, floors, sidewalks, and similar structures. One way to achieve fast and efficient cleaning is through the use of a powerful gas pressure washer. You may use an electric pressure washer as well, but most contractors use a gas pressure washer as these machines do not require an electricity connection. While a gas pressure washer should not be used indoors, these machines are perfect in outdoor areas, where noise and exhaust fumes are not a problem.

A gas pressure washer may be preferred over propane or diesel powered machines if gasoline is easily available and inexpensive. These machines are used for removing paint drops, grease, and other types of dirt. Contractors work with architects and builders to ensure clean, sparkling exteriors once the building has been fully constructed.

A gas pressure washer is also used for site cleanup after remodeling work on buildings, sidewalks, gardens, yards, and other locations. When selecting a pressure washer, there are certain criteria to consider:

  • Pressure level: The ideal pressure level for cleaning construction sites is around 1000-2000 psi. Such high pressure levels are required to blast caked debris and mortar off concrete, stone, vinyl, tile, wood, and other surfaces. Higher pressure levels of 3000 psi are even more effective, but you should ensure that the surface can withstand such high pressure levels. Brick and wood are softer than concrete or granite so proceed with caution when using higher pressure levels.
  • Flow rate: Usually, most pressure washing equipment has flow rates of 2-5 GPM. There are some that offer low flow rates to help conserve water and for use on surfaces that may become damaged by higher flow rates.
  • Temperature: Some high pressure washer machines offer temperatures as high as 330°F, and because many of these machines are tri-mode, you should be able to set the temperature from cold water, hot water, and steam if needed. Some machines have lower temperatures, but they have high pressure levels which makes cleaning tasks easier. Heating time should not exceed a minute; any more than that means you are spending too much time waiting for water to heat.
  • Mobility: This is an important criterion for choosing pressure washing systems. A mobile pressure washer is a wheeled unit that can be easily moved to different parts of the construction site. If the work sites are located very far away from each other or the contractors’ office, they should invest in truck mounted pressure washers. Truck mounted pressure washers that run on gasoline have the added advantage of not being constrained by an electric power cord.
  • Uninterrupted operations: If you are to finish cleaning a large construction site within the workday, you need a mobile pressure washer than runs without a break. Look for heavy duty industrial machines that are durable, have high quality parts, and are designed for heavy use.
  • Multi-gun: Some gas powered pressure washers may be fitted with multi-gun operation capabilities, allowing more than one operator to use the machine simultaneously. This raises productivity and helps achieve faster cleaning.

Construction site cleanup is an important part of building construction and maintenance and the job should be undertaken only when you are fully and properly equipped with the right tools, which include a durable high quality pressure washing unit.

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