Poster Presentations; ESDI: From Inspiration to Implementation- 12th EC-GI&GIS Workshop


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CAGI (the Czech Association for Geo-Information) plays important role in the national SDI and capacity building. We organise annual national GI conferences (Sec 1992-2004), Brno (2005-2006), special workshops (Vranov UP-GIS 1998-2006), support competitions (GISacek) and different events helping to create and form the Geo-Info community, special human sources. Important is the Nemoforum associating state bodies, ministries, professional associations enterprises to re-use of PSI geo-content (like so called address points, cadastral and environmental geodata, state maps) using the advanced geo-infotechnologies. CAGI strongly involved the standardization process in the Czech Rep., its metainformation system MIDAS helped to map the GI content during the public administration reform.

Though NGO (unfortunately not directly supported from the government in last years), CAGI in fact integrates different streams, partial interests, and enters new European initiatives (e.g. INSPIRE, PSI reusedirective) to the national GI community and disseminates the advanced GIS/GIT knowledge, not only to the specialized professionals, but also to decision-making target group. CAGI aims to be a full member of EUROGI and suggests new international GI activities in the CEEC. CAGI´s experience and second year of the international competition Geo-Application of the year illustrate the methods and goals how to contribute to the best practice evaluation in GIS and how to make from it broad, dynamic, open, transparent and famous knowledge system of GI-practice.

To the 12th EC GI & GIS Workshop occasion CAGI translated a part of its websites to English to be more transparent, readable and to allow the foreigners concerned in next possible partnership or international cooperation to know, where GIS in the Czech Rep. is at this stage of development.

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