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Potential Cleanroom Sampling Points per Annex 1 Draft


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In part 4 of our part 5 blog series on Annex 1 Quality Risk Management, we discuss cleanroom sampling points.

Definition of potential sampling points

Sample points include particle counters and microbial monitors.

  • Identification of critical areas by HACCP analysis and process understanding
  • Choose points within the critical areas according to defined criteria
  • When performed this way, you can demonstrate a thorough evaluation based on scientific criteria that any sampling point was considered

Define final cleanroom sampling points based on available space, environmental design, evaluation of product and primary container closure exposure

Potential Cleanroom Sampling Points per Annex 1 Draft

Contamination Control Advisory Team: Utilities

Our team can help you with your utilities sampling monitoring plan by doing a scientific analysis, through risk-based techniques, of Purified Water, Water for Injection, Pure Steam, and Gases systems for:

  • Points of Use assessment
  • Sampling frequency
  • Sampling procedure
  • Risk mitigation activities

Instruments to consider are the Airnet or IsoAir 310P particle sensors, or the Lasair III particle counters. For microbial monitoring you can consider options such as the BioCapt Single Use microbial impactor.

In the next blog in this series we will continue to examine Annex 1 and Quality Risk Management principles and areas where those are discussed.

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