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Powerful And Versatile Hard Floor Cleaner Machines For Use In High-Traffic Areas


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The floors in hospitals, malls, retail stores, and schools experience high flow of traffic and, therefore, accumulate dirt deposits quite fast. To keep these premises looking impressive and welcoming, it is imperative to ensure that the floors are clean and sparkling. However, maintaining the floors is not an easy job considering the large number of people who use the floors on a daily basis. For this reason, maintenance professionals now choose the latest hard floor cleaner machines empowered with advanced cleaning functions and technologies.

A Great Step from Traditional Cleaning Techniques
Unlike conventional hard floor cleaner systems that simply eliminate dirt and stains, the latest versions have been designed to deep clean, deodorize, and disinfect floors. As a result, the floors will not only be clean, but will be free of germs as well. This is a great plus for settings, such as malls and restaurants, since the maintenance professionals can quickly and effectively clean, sanitize, and deodorize floors without the use of multiple equipment, such as brushes, mops, towels, buckets, and cleaning chemicals. The simultaneous cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing action of these hard floor cleaner machines helps get floors cleaner than ever before in the shortest possible time.

Powerful and Efficient
The hard floor cleaner machines available from leading brands are great for maintaining a range of floors, such as hardwood, marble, linoleum, concrete, granite, tile, and grout. As a result, users can use a single machine to maintain different floors in commercial settings.

The hot steam ejected by the floor steamers helps dissolve the toughest dirt buildup, stains, and grease deposits stuck on floors. Hot steam is an extremely powerful cleaning force that penetrates into dirt deposits and efficiently dissolves them to simplify cleaning applications. Steam is also the perfect choice for use on grout since excess water, harsh chemicals, or rigorous scrubbing can seriously damage the porous grout surfaces.

Floor steam cleaner systems available from reputed suppliers feature low-flow functions that keep water usage to a minimum, helping save lots of water. With an optional pressure wand, many of these steam cleaner systems also feature high pressure levels of 1500 psi that works well in blasting away dissolved dirt deposits from floors. The powerful extraction functions in floor cleaning machines ensure excellent extraction of dirt deposits and moisture from surfaces, leaving floors spotlessly clean and dry.

The best of versatility
Advanced versions of floor steam cleaner systems from leading brands offer the functions of several machines in one. For instance, the best hard surface steam cleaner machines are now capable of functioning as steam power washers, spinner cleaners, sludge extractors, and wall cleaning systems. The versatile cleaning actions of the floor cleaning machines help users accomplish a host of cleaning applications with the same cleaning system. 

Unlike conventional cleaning machines, the best steam-based maintenance systems operate at very low noise levels. In fact, top-grade steamers feature noise levels as low as 58 decibels. Such low noise levels make the steam cleaner systems ideal for maintaining floors in settings, such as schools, hospitals, and religious institutions.



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