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PPR pipe fitting mold, PPR pipe mold, PPR mold


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PPR pipe fitting mould

 PPR pipe fitting is specially for water supplying piping system,
the connection of the fitting with the pipe has 3 different types.
1. gluing type.
2. welding type.
3. screwing type.
Based on the function, we divided the PPR pipe fitting mould into below 4 different types.
A.norml PPR pipe fitting mould
B.Self welding PPR pipe fitting mould.
C. PPR pipe fitting mould unscrewing ejection.
D. PPR metal over molding pipe fitting mould

The technical points for PPR pipe fitting moulds.
1. how to avoid the shrinkage marks on the fitting.
2. how to increasing the injection molding speed.
3. how to realize the cavities and cores interchangeable.
4. if there are metal bolt or nuts inesrts, how realized the automatic feeding of the metal parts.
5. the injection parameters' controlling, this is also very important, as because the thick wall
of PPR pipe fitting, the pressure holding time, injection pressure and injection speed... all these
effect the dimensions of the ID and OD.

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