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Practical Approach to Selection, Application & Inspection of Organic and Inorganic Wastewater Linings

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This paper provides an overview of organic and inorganic protective linings for collection systems and wastewater treatment plants from a field application perspective. The dynamic nature of corrosion, pre-job inspections, specification development, application “challenges” and inspection techniques are reviewed utilizing several case histories.


Municipalities across the United States and in many other parts of the world are being required to increase the life expectancy of their wastewater infrastructure, specifically plants and collection systems. Increasing regulation and regionalization of water/wastewater treatment, has created an environment where corrosion rates have risen to unprecedented levels. Engineers, Owners and Contractors are being asked to provide long term protection to assets, while maximizing value. This paper will address through field histories the key components of selection, application and inspection of organic and inorganic linings for long-term wastewater protection.


It is estimated that Municipalities across the United States alone will spend well over 20 Billion dollars to build, repair, and replace the existing wastewater infrastructure over the next decade. The areas of concern include all components of the wastewater treatment system with a strong emphasis on wet wells, manholes, grit chambers, digesters, aeration basins, junction boxes, trunk lines, pumping stations clarifiers and sewer interceptors. The vast majority of these facilities were built shortly after World War II; therefore they were typically built without regard for corrosion protection. Since the primary building material of the wastewater treatment and collection infrastructures has been, and continues to be concrete, corrosion as well as abrasion are primary concerns with regards to selection of wastewater protective lining systems

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