Practical BM Respirometry for biological wastewater treatment


Courtesy of SURCIS, S.L.

Three different operation modes

While most of the respirometers on the market offer only one operation mode, the BM respirometers have three different operation modes: OUR mode, Cyclic OUR mode, and R mode. Each mode develops different respirograms for automatic parameters including D.O., Temperature, and pH (in BM-Advance) from where specific applications can be made.

In a single batch reactor, the measuring system can work as LSS and LFS batch respirometry. The system is optimized by a one-sense membrane device, that together with a dividing plate, is able to isolate the measuring chamber and avoid bubbles against the DO sensor.


This mode is making use of the LSS respirometry type. The OUR mode consists of a single test to measure the OUR and/or SOUR parameters (by manually setting the MLVSS concentration). It also has the option the get a partial SOUR for any period within the respirogram.

Cyclic OUR

The cyclic OUR mode consists of a progressive sequence of OUR measurements, generated from the DO trajectory when it fluctuates between the DO. Low and DO. High set-points that were set at the start of the test.


The R mode corresponds to a modified LFS respirometry type test. The measuring system can be considered as a completely mixed batch reactor. In this mode, we get the important advantage to work with a small volume of samples in order to minimize the test time for an important package of several simultaneous parameters measurement.

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