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Practical dissolved-air flotation experience

In this report the performance of the Bayer Flotation Technology BayFlotech? is demonstrated by comparing process data with figures published by the German Deutsche Vereinigung fur Wasserwirtschaft, Abwasser und Abfall e.V. (ATV) and Verband Deutscher Maschinen u. Anlagenbau e.V. (VDMA) associations. In addition experience gained under plant operation is described. Inter alia the relation between the air/solid dosage rate and the specific solids loading is discovered. It was found that the specific air dosage can be decreased with increasing solids loading rates: whereas the specific air dosage is up to 35 l/kg TSS at solids loading 95%) for every compared situation. Finally we report on the newly developed 'phasemixer', which allows high water saturation rates (>95%) and preventing lather.

Keywords: BayFlotech, Bayer Technology Services, BTS, dissolved air flotation, DAF, dissolver, phasemixer, air dissolving, deinking, solid-liquid separation, wastewater treatment, water pollution, environmental pollution

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