Practical guide to alternative fuel utilisation

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Courtesy of A TEC Production & Services GmbH

Today’s business environment for the cement producers is becoming more challenging. Rising production costs and environmental regulations are only two of the main limiting factors. Therefore the cement industry is using alternative fuels.

In most cement kiln processes today, the conventional fuels (primary fuels) are gas, fuel oil, various coals and petcoke. The required calorific values can be achieved by mixed combustion of high valued primary fuel (with high volatiles content) and low-valued alternative fuel.

Depending on the type of alternative fuel used, a substitution rate of up to 80% can be achieved – in some cases up to 100% with a small quantity of primary fuel for start up.

There are various types of alternative fuels for the cement industry whereby solid domestic and industrial waste are the most prominent ones. A TEC, based on its expert knowledge in the cement pyro-process and alternative fuel preparation has developed a structured approach to efficient utilization of available solid waste.

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