Practical Implementation of EN-14181in Particulate Monitoring - Case Study

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This case study summarises the results of implementing particulate monitoring according to EN-14181 in a municipal incinerator operated by SUA in Teesside, UK, with a ProScatter M type particulate instrument (Model PCME QAL 181). It also provides a comparison of results for monitoring the same stack with an ElectroDynamic particulate instrument (Model PCME QAL 991). This case study is specifically relevant to operators of Municipal Waste Incineration plant using bagfilter type arrestment plant, but has significance to processes using electrostatic precipitators and dry scrubbing systems.

Plant description

  • The Teesside Energy from Waste plant is run by SUA Tees Valley Ltd, a joint venture between SITA UK and the four Teesside local authorities of Stockton, Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland, and Hartlepool.
  • The plant is one of the newest in the UK and has been fully operational since May 1998. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the plant processes municipal and non-hazardous industrial & commercial waste. Key facts about the plant are:
  • The plant has two furnace lines with a combined processing capacity of 250,000 tonnes of municipal waste per year. Up to 100 waste collection vehicles carrying 1,000 tonnes of waste arrive at the plant every day.
  • The plant produces an average of 20 megawatts of electricity per hour, enough electricity to supply 40,000 homes with power.

Emissions from the two boiler plant are controlled by two parallel series of pollution abatement stages:

  • Limestone is injected into the flue gas from the boiler to absorb HCL
  • The flue gas then passes through a cyclone as a first stage of filtration
  • Activated carbon is injected into the gas to absorb heavy metals
  • The flue gas then passes through an 8 compartment bagfilter
  • The flue gas then passes into each of the two vertical stacks (these stacks are connected together for structural purposes)

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