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Prairie farm rehabilitation administration paper

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The aeration efficiency of two types of aeration devices, air injection and mechanical surface aerators was evaluated in farm dugouts in the Peace River Region of Alberta. The air injection systems were tested using three types of diffusers; open-ended tubing, linear fine bubble diffusers and a membrane diffuser.

Our results indicate that without aeration, anoxia can develop in the bottom of dugouts in both summer and winter. This can be prevented by good aeration. The aeration devices we examined circulate and aerate all the water in the dugout at all depths shallower than the location of the air injector. Water which was below the level of the air injector was not aerated or circulated and tended to become anoxic. Fine bubble diffusers were more efficient at circulating and aerating the water than the large bubbles produced by open-ended tubing or by tubing with 3.2 mm holes drilled in the end.

Preliminary results indicate that year round aeration improves a number of parameters of water quality in addition to alleviating taste and odour problems.

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