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Pre-production Preparation of Solder Printer


1. Preparation of printing template for solder printer 1) The thickness of template base material and the size of window are directly related to the quality of solder paste printing, thus affecting the quality of products. The formwork should have the characteristics of wear resistance, no burr and serrated pore, smooth pore wall, good penetration of solder paste, small mesh tension and good resilience. 2) Move the supporting plate of the screen frame according to the size of the screen frame, align the center of the front, back and left direction of the screen frame to the '0' scale position of the front beam and the left and right supporting plate of the printing press, and place it in the center, then lock the screen plate. 
2. Preparation of solder paste for solder printer
1) In SMT, the selection of solder paste is one of the key factors affecting product quality. Different solder paste determines the maximum speed of printing allowed. The performance parameters such as viscosity, wettability and metal particle size of solder paste will affect the final printing quality. 2) The selection of solder paste should be based on the cleaning method, solderability of components and circuit boards, plating of solder pads, pin spacing of components and user needs. 3) After the selection of solder paste, it should be used

according to the requirements of the instructions for the use of the selected solder paste. 4) Before use, it must be stirred evenly until the solder paste becomes thick paste and can be used with a scraper to pick up sections that can be used naturally. 5) The solder paste can not be used directly from the freezer. It must be rewarmed at room temperature about 25 C (the specific use depends on the instructions); the solder paste temperature should be kept the same as the room temperature before it can be used. 6) When using, the solder paste should be evenly scraped on the template in front of the scraper, and beyond the opening position of the template, so as to ensure that the solder paste can be printed on all the solder pads of the PCB board through the opening of the screen when the scraper moves. 

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