Precellys application focus forensic - case study


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Forensic laboratories working with hard samples such as hair [1, 2J, bone [3], teeth, skin, etc. experience difficulties with DNA extraction due to the high energy needed to grind these tissues. Moreover, biological evidence is available in small quantities and the current techniques used do not provide high quality results. The Precellys homogenizers provides high speed sample disruption based on bead-beating for the extraction of DNA, proteins, and drugs [1, 2, 3J within minutes with high reproducibility and no cross-contamination.

Examples of Labs

National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology (Belgium), Insituto de Criminalistica (Brazil), Department of Forensics Science (USA). Drug Analysis Laboratory for the Supreme Prosecutors Office (Republic of Korea). Forensics Toxicology Service in the Institute of Legal Medicine (Spain)

Available Precellys tools

Equipment: Precellys24. Precellys24-Dual. Cryolys
Lysing matrix for hard samples: MK28-R_2mL. CK28-R_2mL and CK28 7mL. CKMix50-R 2mLand CKMix50 7mL. CK68-R 2mL

Application notes available

Drug Analysis in Hair. National Institute of Criminalistics and Criminology, Belgium
Hair grinding on the Precellys24 for the analysis of Diazepam, Oxazepam, Nordiazepam and Bromazepam using HPLC-MS/MS analysis, for the purpose of determining the toxicological profile of a patient [1JI2].

DNA human identification from bone fragments. Instituto de Criminalistica do Parana ; Unersidade Positivo [Brazil]
Bone fragments from carbonized bodies or corpses are used for human DNA identification. Since DNA is scarce, traditional methods do not yield conclusive results.  DNA extraction was greatly improved using the Precellys24 [3].


The use the Precellys Homogenizers (Precellys24 or Precellys24-Dual] significantly enhances the quality of biological material extracted from hard samples such as bone or hair, which is of great importance to forensics laboratories. Organic material is commonly scarce and traditional methods frequently yield inconclusive or poor results. To prevent biological degradation during sample processing, the Precellys can also be coupled with the Cryolys (cooling unit] to maintain a constant temperature of 4° C. The Precellys can effectively process up to 24 samples in minutes with high reproducibility, which decreases sample processing time and is an important time-saving tool for any forensics lab.

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