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Prediction of intact nectarine quality using a Vis/NIR portable spectrometer

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A commercial visible-near infrared spectrometer was tested for intact nectarine quality prediction using partial least squares calibrations. Soluble solids content, firmness, fruit weight and colour index were analysed in each fruit. External validation carried out indicated good predictive performance, particularly for soluble solids content and fruit firmness. These parameters are of key importance in strategies for nectarine post-harvest handling and for nectarine harvest scheduling. RPD values were 2.66, 2.14, 1.95 and 1.67 for soluble solids content, fruit weight, fruit firmness and fruit colour index. R values were 0.95, 0.94, 0.91 and 0.81 and RMSEC values represent 6.78%, 8.77%, 10.39% and 8.8% for the same parameters. These values indicate a good predictive potential.

Keywords: colour, fruit weight, nectarine quality, near infrared, NIR spectroscopy, soluble solids content, prediction, portable, fruit firmness, intact nectarines, postharvest handling, nectarine harvest scheduling

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