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Preliminary Report on CANSOLV® System Commercial Experience


Three reference plants utilizing the CANSOLV® System aqueous diamine based regenerable SO2 scrubbing technology are now operating in regular commercial production. A unit in Europe is treating the tailgas from an incinerator burning a combination of Claus sulfur recovery unit tailgas and a sulfur and chlorine containing waste tar. A SO2SAFE™ System unit in the Montreal area is capturing SO2 from a zinc smelter acid plant feed stream into CANSOLV® amine absorbent. The rich solution is trucked to another mill for on demand regeneration for use in a batch chemical operation. The third unit is cleaning the tail gas from a 400 TPD spent sulfuric acid regeneration plant in a Los Angeles oil refinery to as low as <10 ppmv. Both SO2 scrubbing units are operating at steam consumptions well below guarantee values while the SO2SAFE™ steam consumption is near design.

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