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Greasebeta helps Eton maintain a sweet relationship with the Thames

World renowned Eton College is using Cleveland Biotech’s ground breaking GreaseBeta system to help it keep within the letter of the law in terms of discharging waste into the Thames.

The College has a private sewage treatment plant which discharges treated waste water into the river. Explains Building Services Engineer John Mahoney, ”You have to meet certain criteria to discharge into the Thames. Prior to the implementation of GreaseBeta there was too much grease getting through and we were in danger of not meeting the criteria.”

Mahoney found out about the GreaseBeta system via the internet three years ago and wasted no time in installing two units. One of the units is sited in the Thames Valley Athletic Association sports complex in nearby Pococks Lane, which was built on Eton College land with money from the Millennium Fund as a joint venture between the College, Slough Borough Council and various local athletics clubs. The school trains there and uses the catering facilities for functions from time to time.

“Grease used to get connected to the floats, which meant the pumps were pumping all the time, which they’re not designed to do,” says Mahoney. This created two major problems.
“The pumps were constantly in danger of burning out, and the water level was rising above the floats, allowing grease into the sewage treatment plant – which is designed to sort out effluent, not grease,” he explains.

At the heart of the GreaseBeta system is Amnite L100, a liquid, biological product that rapidly degrades fat, oil and grease (FOG), converting them into environmentally harmless compounds. Unlike chemical alternatives, Amnite L100 does not merely 'move' the problem elsewhere: it eliminates it altogether. It is odourless, does not contain any pathogens and is made from non-toxic ingredients, making it safe to use in a catering environment.

The GreaseBeta liquid fat digester is dispensed via a wall mounted unit; automatic daily dosing eliminates human error and ensures the optimum level of lipase producing bacteria are maintained in the drain line. The system avoids frequent emptying of fat traps, disruptions from blocked drains, reduced goodwill due to offensive smells, emergency rodding and damage from flooding resulting from blockages. Benefits include free running drains; controlled costs; and the satisfaction of using an environmentally friendly response to a pollution problem.

“There were costs involved in carrying out more frequent maintenance on the pumps, as well as annoying breakdowns when the system would suddenly stop working - with all the attendant disruption,” says Mahoney. “Since we’ve been using the GreaseBeta system, however, I haven’t seen any grease – it really works very well. Cleveland Biotech come along and service the units regularly, and we don’t have to worry any more.”

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