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Preparation and characterisation of silver doped ZnO nanostructures

ZnO was prepared by hydrothermal method. The result of scanning electron microscopy showed that the materials had nanorod structures. Ag–doped ZnO was prepared by UV–photoreduction respectively. Crystalline phases and optical absorption of the prepared samples were determined by X–ray diffraction, Raman spectrum and UV–visible spectrophotometer. X–ray analyses reveals that Ag doped ZnO crystallises in hexagonal wurtzite structure. The incorporation of Ag+ in the site of Zn2+ provoked an increase in the size of nanocrystals as compared to pure ZnO. The morphologies of materials have been investigated by using scanning electron microscopy. The photocatalytic property and photoluminescence property of materials were considered.

Keywords: nanostructures, photocatalysis, hydrothermal method, ZnO, zinc oxide, doping silver, nanorods, nanotechnology, nanocrystals, photoluminescence

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