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Preparation and evaluation of nanospheres for lung targeting

In many conventional drug delivery systems in vogue, failure to deliver efficient drug delivery at the target site/organs is evident as a result and less efficacious pharmacological response is elicited. Nanospheres can be derived a remedial measure, which can improve site-specific drug delivery to a considerable extent. As an application, lung-targeting ofloxacin-loaded gelatin nanospheres were prepared by water in oil emulsion method. The central composite design (CCD) was used to optimise the process of preparation, the appearance and size distribution were examined by scanning electron microscopy and the drug loading, were studied. The experimental results showed that the nanospheres in the range of 200 nm-600 nm. The drug loading was 61.05%.

Keywords: lung targeting, central composite design, CCD, gelatin nanospheres, drug delivery, nanomaterials, nanotechnology

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